Our subconscious is designed to work for us day and night, in fact it never stops working for us but it can only work with what reside within it. We are required to supply its input.

Our subconscious is our engine of success and it is our responsibility to imprint positive and supporting images to it. These will be the images and patterns it will work with. Unfortunately, most people forget this step on their path to success. As a result their desires are often sabotaged by the conflicting images their subconscious holds. Make sure this is not happening to you.

For example if you want to be financially successful but believe that you are incapable of doing this, that there are no opportunities for this to happen or that everything is conspiring against you including the economy; these negative thoughts, if persisted, will find themselves in your subconscious and will thwart all your positive efforts.

The conscious and subconscious minds are designed to work together as a functioning team but the subconscious can only work with the patterns, which reside within it.
This is why the practice of imprinting positive images and beliefs into our subconscious is so important. As we daily imprint positive images and beliefs into our subconscious they form patterns that are accepted by the subconscious and once accepted will begin attracting the people, situations and circumstances that most closely match the images we hold within.

This system of harmonizing the conscious and subconscious minds for success is absolutely incredible and available to anyone who has the discipline and vision on how to work with it.

This week’s blog takeaway: The subconscious works for us day and night with the images that reside within it.