We can imprint into our subconscious with two techniques, acknowledging and affirmations. In some circumstances we also use the contemplation technique, but lets just work with acknowledging and affirmations for now.

Here’s an easy belief that everyone can imprint: Good things happen to me.

13275005 - head in clouds contains spaceWould you like this to be true? Well… it will be when you believe it. Whatever we affirm, acknowledge and contemplate, will eventually imprint into the subconscious and become a belief for us if we regularly use these techniques.

When repeated and acknowledged regularly, this idea will be picked up by the subconscious and begin producing results in our life. It will eventually become a belief for us and create ‘good things’.

Here’s how we imprint this belief into our subconscious:
Start repeating the statement ‘Good things happen to me’ as an affirmation whenever possible, many times a day, and equally important, acknowledge everything good that happens to you each day, starting with the most simple basic things like making a traffic light or finding something special you like for lunch. Look for and acknowledge good things every day whether they are small or large and in this way you are building up a pattern. Make it a habit and have fun with it. By acknowledging and repeating this statement regularly you will come to recognize and eventually believe that indeed ‘Good things happen to me‘.

Then the real excitement begins. Once this belief has been accepted by our subconscious it begins bringing new circumstances to us in our life. It’s really that simple. We get to create our lives by what we think and believe. It’s up to us; our thoughts and beliefs are our responsibility.

This blog’s takeaway: The subconscious is my engine of success and I can imprint whatever I choose into it.