Creativity is a virtue because it allows us to improvise and act in innovative ways. A successful life requires that we approach it in a creative way, open to new directions, challenges, opportunities and solutions. Life is ever-changing, evolving, always becoming something new. Everything is in the process of becoming something else. Your family, your career, your friendships, your personal growth are all evolving, changing and morphing into something fresh. The only constant in life is constant change. This dynamic, this continual flow of life is to be embraced, for when one embraces the process as an artist and uses one’s life as a painter would a canvas, or a sculptor a piece of clay or rock, amazing things can happen. Most of us don’t think of ourselves as being creative. We assume creative people are artists, poets, playwrights, potters, those individuals who practice the “creative arts.” But creativity is called for in all of life’s activities, if we are to be successful. It takes creativity to parent children, run a business, plan a vacation, throw a dinner party, or to perform thousands of other activities that we normally don’t think of as creative, but which in fact are.