The Law Of Change

There is a law that has a constant and dramatic effect in our life, and that law is the law of change. The law of change states that everything is in the process of becoming something else. Change happens everywhere and with everyone and happens constantly. In the galaxies of outer space, where our sun will burn out in a few hundred million years, change is happening. In the subatomic world, where particles are colliding with one another and morphing into something else in hundredths of a second, change is happening. Everything is always changing.

So too in our lives, change is the one constant that we can be absolutely sure of. So why don’t we live our lives acknowledging this and initiate change on a regular basis, thus putting ourselves in harmony and rhythm with this process? Why is change so hard to embrace? We must learn to be comfortable with change and eventually embrace it. The Mind Power practitioner works with the law of change, initiating changes through choice, will and practice. Initiating change while flowing with the changes as they happen, is a dance with life that the Mind Power practitioner loves to do.

35811922 - railway tracksThere are three main factors that are the causes of change in our life: choice, chance and crisis. All three carry power and have their own particular dynamic. Of the three I prefer choice. Choice allows me to be proactive in directing and choosing my changes, rather than having them just happen to me. Let me put it another way. If there was a change meter that sets how much change is supposed to happen to us, and you initiate a lot of those changes yourself, doesn’t that reduce the possibility of them happening to you by chance or crisis? Think about it. If nothing else, this is a philosophical and mathematical truth and is probably the way it works. Each of us will be faced with all three modes of change, but using choice allows us to navigate our life with greater dexterity, and it should be a whole lot more fun.

Working with the dynamics of choice means embracing change as a constant reality in our life, being vigilant in looking for changes that would help us, and then being proactive in initiating them. In business there is an old maxim that says that no business stays the same year after year. You are either gaining market share or losing market share. You are either innovating new products and gaining on your competition or your competition is innovating new products and gaining on you. You are becoming either more competitive or less competitive. You are either gaining customers or losing customers. If things are going well you may choose to make no changes and run your business exactly as you have in the past. The marketplace, however, is not static. It is a constant hive of activity and change, and by not initiating change you may easily fall behind. We usually don’t make changes when things are going well, but we must pay homage to the Change Gods; they demand change, and if we do not initiate change, life will initiate it for us.

So too in our relationships with our friends, children, parents, spouses or co-workers; all are in the process of becoming something else. Through using the dynamics of choice we can choose to deepen and enrich the relationships that are important to us.

Our health will not remain the same. Our choices in diet, exercise, thoughts and lifestyle will all have their eff