“Life is an instrument and we must learn how to play it.”

–Credo Mutwa.

We live in extraordinary times, where science is revealing truths about the universe that are both startling and breathtaking. Our universe, it now appears, is a place where black holes swallow galaxies, subatomic particles interconnect with each other intuitively, past and future interchange with one another, and where space curves and warps around the physical objects contained within it. The most up to date findings of physics suggest that everything consists of vibrating strings of energy, and the dimension we perceive as space and time may well exist within a  multidimensional universe, perched on a giant membrane, side by side with other dimensions we have yet to discover.

If this was a science fiction novel you would not be faulted for dismissing it all as pure fantasy, but this is not a novel, nor is it fiction, but rather the startling new reality being revealed to us by the brightest minds in science. Yet, as incredible and fantastic all this is, perhaps the greatest mystery being resolved may well turn out to be the enigma of our place in the whole scheme of this evolving universe. The age old question has always been: Are human beings just insignificant accidents of nature, birthed from the quantum soup with no particular purpose or meaning, or are we something much grander, with cosmic destines yet to be discovered? There are many scientists, and lay individuals as well, arguing convincingly and passionately on both sides of this question, but as we will discover, there is new compelling evidence to suspect that there is much more to who we are than any of us could have previously dared to imagine. While philosophers and mystics for thousands of years have struggled to understand the purpose and meaning of our lives, paradoxically it is now science that is helping us to understand who we are, and where our place in the universe can be found.

We are complex and extraordinary beings of consciousness and energy.

There is a dynamic and symbiotic relationship that exists between consciousness and energy, but it is only quite recently that scientists have discovered how this works. While physicists for some time have known that all physical reality is made up of vibrating energy, few had suspected that consciousness was also part of the system. Scientists always thought that consciousness had nothing to do with matter or energy other than as a subjective means to interpret what was happening around us, but this perspective has changed dramatically, and now consciousness is seen as an intricate part in the entire scheme of things. Consciousness, we now know, plays a much bigger role in creating our reality than anyone had previously expected.

The fields of neurobiology, quantum physics, string theorists, depth psychology, neuroplasticity, to name but a few, are exploding with new discoveries relevant to understanding who we are. These new discoveries are not only intellectually stimulating; they nurture our very souls with the breathtaking vision they present. Understanding these findings can help us live our lives with greater vision and effectiveness, yet the plethora of information is so overwhelming that it is difficult to know where to begin.

Through neuroplasticity, for example, we now know the brain can be rewired using conscious intention. Depth psychology teaches us that we have two minds, and that our second, subconscious mind contains shadow patterns which capture energy from us until they are discovered and integrated. Quantum physics tells us that we are living in a vast sea of energy, where everything is connected. It further reveals that past, present and future are happening simultaneously. But what is even more exciting, and perhaps the greatest of all the new discoveries, from a practical point of view, is that we now have indisputable proof that our consciousness has the ability to direct energy. Since everything in the known universe consists of energy, the implications of this finding are staggering.

We have an opportunity.

We are fortunate to be living in the 21st century where these cutting-edge discoveries are being revealed, for it gives us the opportunity to use them in ways our predecessors could never have imagined. If we had a methodology to put it all this information together in a practical way, the possibilities of what could be done with it are astounding. Literally everything becomes possible when we embrace these theories and live in a quantum way.

It is fascinating to look back at my life and realize I have spent over forty years devoting myself to understanding consciousness and using it in unique and creative ways. In 1978 I developed one of the first mind power training systems and began traveled the world sharing these methods. In 1987 I wrote a best-selling book about my work called Mind Power. The method I taught combined the powers of thought with the laws of quantum reality.

Quantum Reality is the reality that exists beyond our senses.

It is the invisible framework of energy that creates our universe. It holds the molecules in a chair stable so that we may sit on it; it directs and determines where a cyclone will hit, and when an earthquake will happen. It is the invisible framework of everything we experience. What is not commonly understood, however, is that our thoughts and quantum reality are very intimately related with each other. Consciousness, as incredible as it sounds, directs energy. To know this is to know something great.

The laws of the universe are set up perfectly for us to avail ourselves of them.

We have been designed and hard wired to use these laws. Our brain, the motherboard of our consciousness, is neurologically programmed to assist us in working with these laws, providing us with the opportunities to use them in innumerable creative ways. We are designed for success. Success is an inherent part of the universe, for without the laws of energy and consciousness working together successfully, the universe would fall apart. And the laws that operate in the universe operate in our lives as well, for we are a microcosm of the macrocosm, a universe in miniature. The same laws that govern the galaxies govern individual people and nations, as we are all part of this evolving universe and cannot be separated from it.

However, the laws of the universe are not always easily understood, especially when they are first introduced to us. Some quantum truths about our reality seem so incredible that they shake our present view of ourselves and the world we live in, but they are supported by the most up-to-date scientific facts and must be incorporated into our understanding of who we are if we wish to be in harmony with the universe.

The most fundamental scientific fact of our reality is really a very simple concept to understand.

Everything that we experience in our life is made up of vibrating energy.

All physical reality that we see and feel, such as chairs, houses, people, trees, oceans, even our own bodies, while appearing solid to our senses, are made up of vibrations of energy. Everything in the universe consists of vibrating energy. Everything! Our feelings, thoughts, beliefs and desires also consist of this vibrating energy. This is what we call the first understanding of our reality.

The second understanding is that consciousness directs this energy.

Consciousness and energy are in relationship with one another. So from these two simple scientific truths we have the starting point to begin to work creatively with mind power. Later, as we begin training and practicing the quantum techniques, we will contemplate these truths many times, imprinting them into our subconscious where they will become resonating patterns of energy, active and dynamic parts of who we are. These two understandings will become a permanent part of our evolving quantum model; they will assist us in creating success for ourselves. Again, each of us has been designed, wired and programmed to be successful, and we must always remember this. The laws of the universe are designed to facilitate success, and we are encouraged to create and apply these laws, each in our own unique way. It is through our successes that the universe creatively expresses itself.

Working with the quantum laws we discover our oneness with energy.

Doing this opens up a whole different way of working with energy, and we discover that we can easily direct energy with our thoughts. Most of us have no idea of how to do this. It is not taught in school, nor is it common knowledge. In fact, if we are honest with ourselves, most of us will admit that our thoughts are the last thing we actually think about. We go through our waking hours taking little notice of our thought processes: how the mind moves, what it fears, what it heeds, what it says to itself, what it brushes aside. For the most part we eat, work, converse, worry, hope, plan, make love, shop, work and play, all with minimal attention paid to how we think. This is unfortunate, for we are neglecting one of the most important and powerful forces in our life.

Mind power teaches us how to direct our thoughts with will and imagination towards a particular purpose.

By holding in our mind images of what we want to happen in our life, we are vibrating a specific energy. In consciousness we can vibrate any energy we choose, and in doing so we weave the web. ‘Weaving the web’ is an expression I will use throughout this book, and it means we interact with the quantum web of energy, what I will call the energy web. Physicists call the energy web the quantum vacuum, a misnomer if there ever was one. The quantum vacuum is not a vacuum at all – every part of it contains vast amounts of energy and information. The term ‘energy web’ gives the mind a more accurate way of imagining the web’s properties, and also acts as a symbol for what is possible. Symbols, we will learn, carry their own power so it is to our advantage to refer to it this way.

The energy web is filled with energy and information, and contains within it unlimited possibilities of manifestation.

Each of us can weave the web any time we choose, and do it consciously, fully aware of what we are doing. For example, when we focus our thoughts on successful outcomes in our life we are weaving the web, increasing the probability of these events happening.

Everything in the universe has it’s own unique vibration, what scientists call its energy signature, and when we consistently activate this vibration through daily practices, this energy will weave the web in a way that will attract these circumstances to us. Put in the most basic terms, what we focus on we attract.

Now of course, there is more to it than this simple explanation, and I don’t want to give the impression that everything we wish and hope for we can achieve simply by thinking about it, but this is the starting point in understanding the unique relationship that exists between the energy web and our own consciousness. Our thoughts are the most powerful creative forces in our life. Learning to work with thoughts in quantum ways – beyond simple positive thinking – awakens for us a whole new life of power and opportunity.

Let me share with you the very first time I experimented weaving the web using this system.

In sharing this story, you will understand what is possible when we apply the laws of consciousness and energy in a systematic way. I am going back almost forty years. I was in my late twenties and had built myself a cabin in the woods of British Columbia where I was living, sorting through the extensive research I had gathered on the powers of the mind during the previous three years. The cabin overlooked a marsh where beavers had built a dam, and I would hear them working at night, slapping the water with their tails as they packed mud and branches together in a never-ending process of dam building and rebuilding. It was very serene, peaceful environment, perfect for my purposes. I was trying to design a system of mind power that I could easily apply in my life. Up till this point, all the information I had was conceptual and theoretical. I had not yet demonstrated mind power to any noticeable degree. This was about to change radically.

Even though I was living frugally, my money had run out, so to make ends meet I was doing odd jobs in order to earn enough for basic groceries and kerosene for my lamps. I was struggling financially, and then one night I suddenly decided this was ridiculous. If these theories of consciousness and energy that I was reading about were true, I thought to myself, I should be able to create anything in my life, including an abundance of money. At least I shouldn’t be broke. Why am I struggling? I wondered. So I decided to take action and put these theories to a test. I must admit there was a feeling of both excitement and trepidation with this decision. What if it didn’t work? This would disprove everything I believed in. If it doesn’t work, then better to move on and not waste any more of my time I thought, dismissing my doubts, and so with this resolve I began to put my system of mind power into practice.

I must explain something more about energy before I continue my story, as it will help explain why this system is so powerful. As mentioned previously, everything has it’s own unique vibration of energy, its vibrational signature. The energy of confidence, for example, has a very specific vibrational resonance, just as the colour red has a different spectral vibration from the colour green or blue. Whenever we vibrate with confidence we align ourselves with this particular energy. We literally become that energy. A mother who is confidently playing with her children is aligning with the exact same energy as a businessman who is confidently closing a hundred million dollar deal, or a professional athlete who is about to execute an amazing play with assurance. While the circumstance in which the confidence is being employed is different in each case, the vibration of the energy is exactly the same.

Understanding this principle, I decided to align myself with the energy of abundance.

To do this I trained my mind to think abundance by recognizing and acknowledging abundance wherever I saw it. Rather than try to create an abundance of money, which I had very little of, I made the practice more all-inclusive, figuring that aligning with the abundance energy would activate all abundance, including financial abundance. It was sort of a back-door approach. So whenever I saw or experienced any type of abundance, even an abundance of wild flowers at the side of the road, I would acknowledge this abundance, and vibrate for several moments this energy, absorbing and aligning with that energy.

I knew theoretically that aligning myself with this energy should attract abundance to me. At least that was my reasoning. It’s funny to be looking back to those times, so many years ago, because at that point in my life I had no first hand experience of working with energy. Now, of course, it is second nature to me, but back then I was young, naïve and filled with confidence, which was a good thing too, because working with energy in these ways is quite radical even today, when so much more is known about this science. Back then no one really understood why or even if it worked.

I had also discovered that the subconscious mind could not tell the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

The subconscious would accept whatever impressions and vibrations I resonated with and work with that particular energy. This practice should translate the energy of abundance into the physical equivalent for me; at least this is was what I was hoping. So I practiced aligning with abundance daily, wherever and whenever I had the opportunity. It was actually very simple how I brought this practice into my life, and I have shared this story in my book Mind Power into the 21st Century, but not in this detail or with these explanations. For example, when I was eating grapes -because that was all I could afford – I would say to myself, “Look, I don’t just have one grape. I don’t just have two grapes. I have an abundance of grapes to eat.” When I said this to myself it felt truthful; it was abundance and I was aligning myself to it, even if it was only grapes that were abundant in my life. Now you could argue that I could just as easily have been thinking to myself, “I’m so broke that all I can afford to eat tonight is fruit.” And you would be absolutely right, that too was my reality, but through choice I  aligned myself with the energy of abundance. Choice, you will discover, is a powerful tool, and with quantum mind power we use it in ways most people could not imagine. The ability to choose what we think and so to direct our thoughts is a creative act of volition of enormous significance.

I cooked and heated my cabin with a wood stove. At the side of the cabin was a cord of wood that I had previously cut and stacked. Every time I went to get wood for the stove, which was several times a day I would say to myself, “Look, I don’t just have one piece of wood. I don’t just have two pieces of wood. I have an abundance of wood.” When I went out for a walk I would say to myself, “Look at the abundance of beauty around me. The trees, the sounds, the water, the animals; there is an abundance of beauty all around me.” Whenever I looked up at the night sky I reminded myself of the abundance of stars and galaxies, the immenseness of it all. When I traveled to town, which I did once a week to buy my meagre basics, I would look at the large buildings and remind myself that there were corporations that owned these buildings that were extraordinarily successful and abundant. In my imagination I aligned myself with this energy and vibrated this abundance. I didn’t want to own the buildings myself, but I could vibrate abundance by thinking of the people who might own them, becoming their vibration of abundance in my imagination. To resonate with these vibrations in our mind is not simply daydreaming, but a method of working with energy which weaves the web. Our will and imagination can work together in remarkable ways when we activate them towards a specific purpose.

This practice of aligning with abundance…

Though strange at first, eventually became quite effortless for me. I enjoyed doing it and I did it often, many times a day. It took only moments at a time, whenever opportunities presented themselves to me. I did this with all parts of my life. I reminded myself that I had an abundance of friends, an abundance of health, an abundance of knowledge. It became for me a regular practice of aligning with abundance. Actually, abundance became my favourite word and I used it a lot. I liked the sound and feel of the word and it vibrated within me every time I used it. The reality of my situation, if you were to look at it logically, was that I was dead-broke, no money, no opportunities, no ideas on how to change this, but still I vibrated abundance every day, many times a day. I thought abundance, spoke abundance, connected with abundance… and then the most remarkable thing happened. It began happening to me.

My brilliant idea changed my life.

It came first as an idea. One evening I suddenly realized that I could teach this mind power system to others. The idea was so clear; resonating with such intensity that I knew this was what I should do. My first couple of talks were at public libraries, where I worked out my ideas and honed my speaking skills, and then in April 1978 I booked a conference room in the most prestigious hotel in Victoria, the Empress Hotel, even though I could not afford it (I borrowed the money). I advertised in the local media and presented my concepts to an eager audience who packed the room to capacity. My four-part lecture series, called “Thought Dynamics“, was incredibly popular right from the beginning, and the public response was extraordinary. Within the first year I was attracting large crowds to my talks, often in excess of a thousand people. People were fascinated with this new methodology, and I began the first of what would be many world tours. Money was flowing in.

Fast-forward five years from the day that I left the cabin. I am touring Australia for the second time and have checked into the presidential suite at the Sheraton Hotel in Sydney. It is the same suite the Beatles had stayed in when they toured Sydney. I remember the thrill of walking around the suite, imaging them being there. The suite had a large living room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Sydney Opera House. It was gorgeous, extravagant, lavish, abundant, certainly more than needed for just one person, and then the thought hit me. In five short years I had come from a cabin in the woods with no electricity, no running water, no money and here I was in the presidential suite of the Sheraton Hotel and I had checked in for an entire month. A month! In that moment it suddenly dawned on me how extraordinary the system was, and how the abundance vibration which I had decided to align with five years previously was now a part of who I was. It had happened in ways I could have never imagined.

The reason I’m telling you this particular story is I want to get your attention. I want you to know that mind power is not some intellectual concept to me. It is a system of techniques I have used effectively in my life with astounding success, and taught to millions of others through my books and lectures. Mind power works because it harnesses the known laws of the universe in easily applicable ways that that anyone can learn to use.

To know and understand the universe we must know and understand ourselves.

This is why knowledge about the universe, while intellectually interesting, will not help us in any meaningful way until we understand ourselves. There is only one way of doing this, and that is by coming into a relationship with all parts of ourselves. In the quantum mind power system, which is an advanced system based on my original mind power training, we learn to feel with our bodies, intuit with our souls, weave energy with our minds, and harness the hidden powers of our subconscious. We access all parts of ourselves and in doing so we discover the meaning and purpose of our lives.

In 2002 I stopped all teaching and began a three-year listening sabbatical. I was mentored during this period by an extraordinary woman, a mystic, who had listened deeply, pierced through the mysteries of life and had secrets to share with me. You will meet her later in the book. Through listening I discovered new and different ways of working with energy. Through my mentor’s guidance I learned to feel energy and to come into relationship with it.

This was a very different and powerful way of working with energy that I had not used before.

It was also during this period that I deepened my relationship with the different parts of myself, awakening my body, subconscious and soul. It was a remarkable time, and if I were to sum up the experience in one word, what these three years did for me the word would be relationship. Through listening I discovered what many before me have discovered – we are in relationship with everything – and as I deepened my relationships, remarkable things began happening. It was during this three-year sabbatical that a whole new set of techniques evolved, and the vision of being a quantum warrior revealed itself to me. An entirely new methodology of working with energy and consciousness emerged and through these new techniques I learned what is possible when we train and live in an extraordinary way.

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