(continued from last month – The Ten Practices of a Happy and Successful Life – Part I)

Practice #3 – Do what you love:

This might sound somewhat metaphysical, but I believe with all my heart and soul that each of us is born with a talent, and a destiny that will unfold in the most miraculous way when we honour and use that talent. Some might call it “finding their calling” or “discovering their purpose in life.” I call it, “doing what you love to do.” Actually they are all the same thing. Your calling and destiny are hidden within the precious desires of your heart. What an ingenious place to put it. All that is required is for you to look within and discover what gives you the greatest joy.

49844817 - man working determine workspace lifestyle conceptA valuable question to assist you in this process is, “What would I do with my life if money were not an issue?” I’m not asking what would you buy for yourself, or what luxury trips you would take, but rather what would you “do” with your life. The key word is “do.” What practices or activities bring you the most pleasure? Do you know why they bring you such pleasure? This might surprise you, but they bring you pleasure because God/the Universe/the Great Mystery wants you to do them. Just as the act of procreation is made pleasurable so humans will reproduce themselves, so too with our own unique talents. They bring us pleasure because nature wants us to use them. When we use them we gift many. How simple and yet revolutionary: your purpose in life, your destiny, your reason for living, your ultimate happiness, all come from following and trusting what you love to do. Quite ingenious.

When I was in my mid-twenties I began to study and read everything I could on Mind Powers. I was totally fascinated with the subject. Eventually I left a very successful career in Toronto, sold my possessions, drove out west and ended up on Vancouver Island. There I built myself a cabin and spent three years perfecting a Mind Power system for the sheer love of doing it. I had no other motive than simply indulging myself in what had become my passion. There certainly was going to be no financial benefit in it, or so I thought. Little did I realize at the time that by following this path I would become a very successful writer of a number of best-selling books and travel the world teaching this system to millions. It was my destiny to do this, and I only discovered it by chance because I followed and trusted what gave me the greatest pleasure.

Not only is “Doing What You Love” a key to personal fulfilment, it is more often than not the key to financial success as well. I discovered this while writing my second book,