Life is in constant motion and is forever changing and becoming something new. It is quite breathtaking the way it all happens, often in the most mysterious and unexpected ways. I call this process ‘The Law of Constant Change’ and it is an important law to understand.

As we navigate our life journey, achieving goals and striving to make a meaningful and happy life for ourselves, let us never forget this important dynamic of change and flow with it when it occurs.  Relationships change, as do our beliefs, financial status, health, friends and priorities.  When closely examined, we discover our life is not constant and everything is movement and change.  While for some, this is a disconcerting concept, as we often crave stability, but actually this law works to our advantage when we understand it and flow with what wants to happen.

Life demands that we be in rhythm with the eternal laws and embrace change when change is called for and move into something new and different on a regular basis. Sometimes these changes will be small and almost unnoticeable. Other times they are dramatic and swift and shock us with their arrival but we should always welcome change as it is a necessary and valuable part of life.  Since change will happen whether we want it or not, why not co-operate and be proactive in making changes, small and large, in our life. We start with the premise that life wants change and then look at where we might make changes in our life.  Be aware of what is calling to you today for change and be bold and courageous in making these changes so something new can happen. Life will reward you well for the initiative and you will be in harmony with the deeper laws of the universe.

Remember, comfort is the enemy of change and when we are too comfortable with our present situations we often don’t initiate change. This is a mistake. We should always strive to make changes in the many different areas in our life.  Ask yourself: ‘what small change can I make in my life that will have a noticeable impact for me?’ Making small changes is the first step to making larger changes in our life. Lets remind ourselves that we can make changes, in any area of our life, any time we choose.

This blog’s takeaway: I can be proactive in making changes in my life.