In this post, you’ll discover the 3 fundamental truths of life and the human mind. These truths help us understand consciousness and use Mind Power to build a life of abundance.

Writer, mystic and philosopher, William James, wrote in 1900:

The human individual … lives usually far within his limits; he possesses powers of various sorts which he habitually fails to use.

James further went on to describe our “habit of inferiority” which first captures us and then locks us in our self-imposed limitations. What is so frightening and insidious about this situation is that it mostly happens without us being conscious of it, and it happens at a very early age. By the time we have reached adulthood, most of us have been confined within the concepts we have constructed about ourselves and the world.

We interpret the world both through our thoughts and our beliefs. What is real for us is what we think is real. But here we come to a fundamental truth of our being, and the implications of this truth are staggering. Not only do our thoughts and beliefs interpret our reality, but in a very real way, they create our reality.

“You are what you think,” is a true maxim, both for better and worse. For better, when we understand the nature of reality and harness our thoughts to create and participate consciously in what is happening to us. For worse, when we remain unaware of the larger picture and fumble from experience to experience wondering why unfortunate experiences happen to us. Not knowing or appreciating the intimate relationship we share with our life, we strive and struggle daily. Breaking out of our ignorance and limitations is the goal of Mind Power.


The 3 Fundamental Truths About Who We Are

The system you are learning on this website, and in my books and CDs, is a system I developed over thirty years ago and have taught to millions of students. What is gratifying for me is not just the success of the program, but its effectiveness for every person. Simply stated, Mind Power works if you’re willing to work the system.

Below are 3 fundamental truths that explain why Mind Power works.

Meditate on and contemplate these truths. Do not just read them and then forget them.

Take each truth and realize for yourself the validity and implications of what I say. Think about it for several minutes each day. Let your mind explore and become excited about these concepts. Because until a truth is fully realized within ourselves, it cannot be effectively used.

At first, it will just be an abstract concept. But when a truth is fully realized, it becomes a source of awareness and power for us. So if you contemplate these fundamental truths, you will be amply rewarded with deeper understanding.

Fundamental Truth #1: All Is Energy

Everything in our known, physical universe is made up of energy. All the things you can see, touch, and feel are made up of energy. Your computer, your bed, your clothes, your music, your body, other people, trees, and the wind, are all made up of vibrating energy.

Even the things you can’t see, touch and feel are made up of energy: space, time, consciousness, outer space, and subatomic particles, are all made up of energy.

Everything in its purest most basic level is made up of energy. We live and move and have our being in a fathomless, limitless, infinite sea of energy.

Physicist Dave Bohm calls it the “implicate order.” According to Bohm, what lies behind all phenomena is vibrating energy which forms an “unbroken wholeness which connects us all.”

Now, what does this mean to us? Well, it all depends upon the depth of your understanding, and your willingness to work with this new model of reality that science presents us. It can either be an interesting concept to be thought about and forgotten, or it can be a major turning point in your life.

For me, it was a turning point. I contemplated for many months that “all is energy” until a deepened realization dawned on me. My ability to be effective and successful in life depended upon my understanding and use of energy. That energy was the real currency and power in my life.

Fundamental Truth #2: Thoughts Are (Also) Energy

Since everything in the universe is made up of energy, thoughts are also more than just “my thoughts”; they are also vibrating energy.

Every thought I think is a form of vibrating energy.

My fears are vibrating energy. My desires are vibrating energy. My confidence is vibrating energy. Every time I hate, judge, love, criticize and empower myself or others, I am participating in the act of vibrating a certain type of energy.

Each thought has its vibration. Hate vibrates at a different frequency than love. Feeling confident is a different vibration than feeling worthless. It is not just a different thought, but a different vibration of energy.

Thoughts that are repeated over and over again build up a pattern within our subconscious mind. This pattern of vibrating energy resonates within us, day and night.

What we think of ourselves matters. What we think of others matters. What thoughts we indulge in, either consciously or unconsciously, are having an incredible effect on us. We become the energy that vibrates within us.

We are what we think. We are what we vibrate. We are the energy of our thoughts.

So for those of you who wish to pursue a deeper understanding of what I am sharing, I suggest you take the two fundamental truths I have just expounded upon and make them yours by contemplating them.

Simply spend several minutes each day “thinking about” what I’ve shared. Have a contemplation notebook by your side, and whenever an insight or clarity reveals itself, write it down. This way you will deepen your understanding.

Fundamental Truth #3: Consciousness Functions On Three Levels

This is one of the most astounding truths of our being. Within us, at this very moment, are three centres of consciousness: the conscious mind, the subconscious mind, and the sould. Each has its dynamics, insights and laws.

a. The Conscious Mind

Our conscious mind is the field of awareness that accompanies us everywhere. It is with us when we wake up in the morning and it is with us as we go to sleep at night.

Within our conscious mind, thousands of thoughts come and go daily. It is very active, constantly thinking thoughts. Thinking thoughts seems to be its main preoccupation.

We are rarely without thoughts of some sort. As you watch and observe your conscious mind, which is one of the exercises I give my students at the beginning of their training, you will be amazed to notice how much “thought stuff” passes through its domain. Some of it is quite valuable and relevant to our lives, but much of it is useless and counterproductive.

Negatives, fears, worries, and inadequacies, all make their way into the mix of what we call our daily perceptions.

Our conscious mind can be a great trickster, and we must be vigilant in observing what it is saying.

Every event and experience elicits from us a thoughtful response. Very quickly these thoughts gather and build upon one another, and without even noticing the mechanism involved, an opinion is formed within us. We feel we “know” what is happening in our lives, and make judgements accordingly.

And here is where we must be cautious, for our “knowing” is often just our “listening” to the inner chatter of the predominant thoughts within us. If they happen to be positive at the time of our thinking, then we experience our situation as positive. If they happen to be negative at the time of our thinking, then we experience our situation as negative.

Our perceptions can fluctuate wildly back and forth. Sometimes daily. Even hourly. We do not realize how susceptible we are to our thoughts, and how much they can control us if we are not careful.

Our conscious mind is both our best friend and worst enemy. Our best friend when we perceive clearly and have a prevailing positive mental attitude. Our worst enemy is when we identify with negative thoughts about ourselves and our life. Many people remain captives of fear, worry, doubt, and a host of other undesirable thoughts and attitudes, without even realizing how it has happened.

Our conscious mind can be compared to a garden, where we are the gardeners. Through daily Mind Power exercises, we can create a botanical masterpiece, or through neglect, we can turn our minds into a morass of weeds and negatives. But we are the master gardeners of our consciousness, and Mind Power is the tool we use in this inner garden.

Besides thinking thoughts, our conscious mind is the eye of perception through which we experience our life. The trick is to see our life without the distorting filters of thought.

Thought, both positive and negative, can have a distorting effect that obscures the true reality of what is happening to us. While I would certainly choose to be positive rather than negative, it can at times be valuable to be neither, and just experience life as it happens, without the mental filter.

This is a Zen approach and one I like to practice. For over twenty years I have used this Zen approach as an added compliment to my Mind Power practice. The reason I’m attracted to Zen is that it is the polar opposite to Mind Power.

Mind Power uses thoughts in a conscious and systematic way to create and manifest reality.

Zen experiences life without identifying with thoughts, allowing things to happen and experiencing them fully for whatever they are. Both approaches have their wisdom, and while some proponents say you must choose one way or the other, I disagree.

Each person may choose for themselves the system and method that works best for them, and nothing is stopping anyone from choosing here and there, taking the best from each and designing a system unique to themselves.

I believe that life should be fun, exciting, successful and filled with pleasurable experiences, that each of us has our destiny to discover, and that by following our instincts and trusting ourselves, we will be led to it.

I know from working for over thirty years with Mind Power that we are far greater and more powerful than we can ever conceive. Our greatness lies in understanding and discovering who we are. The more we understand ourselves the more successful our life will be. I hope this site assists you in this pursuit.

b. The Subconscious Mind

fundamental truth of the mind
Let’s now talk about the subconscious mind. Understanding and harnessing the power of our subconscious gives us true happiness and personal power.

For many people, it comes as a surprise to learn that we have such a thing as a subconscious mind. The majority of humanity, as they try to lead meaningful lives and achieve their goals, remains in ignorance of this faculty.

This is unfortunate, for to remain in ignorance of the subconscious is to remain in ignorance of the most powerful part of who we are. It is our subconscious mind that is the invisible director of our lives. All our work with Mind Power on a conscious level is a process that influences and affects our subconscious.

Our subconscious mind is much more receptive and has a greater capacity for attention than our conscious mind.

Every event that has happened to us, every conversation we’ve had, every incident we’ve witnessed, down to the smallest detail, is recorded within the subconscious. While we might not consciously remember all these things, they are recorded within and are a part of our vibration.

Many early childhood and adolescent experiences, both pleasurable and traumatic, vibrate within us and make us who we are now. Our personality and our choices in life are often a result of subconscious influences. Such is the power of the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind communicates with us in 3 different ways:


Our subconscious is plugged into the vibrating matrix of all reality. We are all part of the dynamic system of the collective unconscious. And on a subconscious level, we are all aware of things that would be impossible to know any other way.

That is why our intuition is so powerful. Our intuition draws upon the collective unconscious and sees into the matrix of reality to inform us of greater truths. Such guidance is invaluable, and connecting with our intuition allows us to make better, more informed decisions. This is one of the ways our subconscious communicates with us.


Another means by which the subconscious makes its wisdom known to us is through dreams. You will see that I have devoted several articles to discussing dreams.

Dreams are very often messages from the subconscious. Dreams employ the language of symbols, and the brilliant psychoanalyst Carl Jung has created a system that allows the serious student to quite accurately interpret these messages.

Daily Events

The third way the subconscious reveals itself to us is in the daily unfolding of our lives. All that happens to us has its causes within.

While it is hard to decipher every single event and take meaning from it, one can begin to look for patterns in our lives to see what they may be telling us. By patterns I mean similar types of occurrences that keep repeating over and over again in our lives.

Attracting abusive partners, reoccurring illnesses, patterns of failing in business, or struggling financially, all can be indications of subconscious beliefs that are holding us back. In cases such as these, a person would do better to look within to see what beliefs are resonating there, attracting these events, rather than complaining about a string of bad luck.

While much of our subconscious programming has happened without our being consciously aware of how it has been imprinted, we can take control of our lives by methodically creating new, more empowering beliefs.

This is the great value of studying Mind Power. It reveals not only who we are, but also how we can regain control of our lives.

How to Consciously Program Your Subconscious

It is deceptively simple and takes only will and persistence in using Mind Power techniques such as contemplation, visualization, affirmations, and imprinting. And here is why it works so effectively.

Any thought that is repeated over and over again will quite naturally begin to imprint itself upon our subconscious.

Since our subconscious records everything regardless of its value, visualization and affirmation techniques done daily over a sustained time will have their desired effect.

Now you might ask, “If the subconscious records everything automatically, why do we have to keep repeating the technique? Shouldn’t once be enough?” And you are right; even one time will have an effect. But the effect will be small, almost inconsequential.

From over thirty years of practising Mind Power, what I have discovered is that there is a very powerful effect that happens when you practice these techniques daily over a sixty- to ninety-day period.

Doing your visualizations and affirmations for sixty days is not sixty times more powerful than doing them once; it is thousands of times more powerful. It is the repetition, again and again, over a continuous period of time that forms grooves within the subconscious, that create lasting impressions.

You can imprint into your subconscious any thought, belief, or desire you choose, and once imprinted it will resonate and vibrate within, working tirelessly day and night to attract to you the circumstances that will bring you the goal of your desire—or should I say, the goal of your inner projection.

Contemplate daily the power that you possess in your subconscious mind. Think of what you might achieve if you were to work with that power daily. Doing this exercise will excite you about the many opportunities that exist for you to make changes in your life. Your destiny is yours to create.

c. The Soul

fundamental truth about the soul
One can use whatever name or term you choose to define this heightened consciousness (higher self, inner self, and still small voice are a few that are commonly used), but I choose to use the word “soul.” While to some it will have a religious or spiritual connotation, it goes far beyond these definitions and is a very real and powerful aspect of who we are.

To become aware of our soul consciousness is to be aware of a reality that transcends our physical reality, this plane transcribed by space and time.

We are multi-faceted beings with not one but three centres of consciousness.

Up until now, I have briefly explained the dynamics and functions of both the conscious and the subconscious mind. Now comes the most challenging of all, for in attempting to reveal the fundamental truths of the soul we are entering into deep mysteries reserved for the most advanced students.

However, each person can of their own volition become aware of at least the concept of a soul. And from that concept, you can build a bridge that will eventually allow you to experience for yourself the transforming aspects of soul consciousness.

Begin by contemplating the fact that there are worlds and realities beyond the known physical universe. In fact, the physical universe as we know it is but a small part of the vibrating matrix in which we live.

Physicist David Bohm, whom I write about in Mind Power into the 21st Century, presents very convincing arguments which indicate that, despite its apparent materiality and enormous size, the physical universe does not exist in and of itself. It is the product of something far vaster.

More than that, it is not even a major production of this vaster something but is only a passing shadow, a mere hiccup in the greater scheme of things. According to his understanding, there are countless inner dimensions that we are only beginning to discover.

Our soul resides in these inner dimensions—in a state of consciousness beyond space and time. It is a higher, expanded, and transformed consciousness where past, present, and future exist simultaneously, and where all reality exists as part of one whole. It is part of the vibrating matrix which is beyond our comprehension.

It is not possible to understand your soul and its power by simple logic, for it transcends logic.

To know one’s soul requires faith in the unseen worlds and a determination to pass through the veils that separate our worlds. Now faith is not a blind acceptance of some religious dogma or position, as some might think, but rather a mode of consciousness whereby the mind feels comfortable taking leap after leap, from sensory logic to unknown dimensions, trusting the deep inner instincts that propel it forward.

Our conscious mind cannot by itself come to grips with realities that transcend logic. But fortunately, something else within us can. It is this innate urge that suddenly or gradually awakens within us.

This happens at different times for different individuals. For some, the search for soul consciousness will be of little interest, and for others a burning desire. I used to think it had to do with the amount of inner work one did, but my opinions are changing, and I now see it as a product of an evolutionary seed that lies dormant within each of us until awakened, and the search for answers begins.

This awakening is akin to what happens with the wild salmon that swim the oceans oblivious to a biological calling until one day, without warning, it suddenly prompts the salmon to leave the ocean and return to the very stream it was spawned in, overcoming tremendous obstacles and hardships to fulfil its mission.

We too are called, or rather awakened to return to our source and reclaim our soul consciousness. To experience the fullness of our being in a way that could never be imagined by the conscious mind. No one will be denied this experience if they are sincere in their desire.

How to Reclaim Your Soul Consciousness

A few simple practices will help you begin on the path, and the rest will be revealed to you as you advance by your intuition.

  1. Build up a body of images and ideas that reflect your understanding of the soul. Think of it as a centre of consciousness that transcends our normal consciousness and has great wisdom and understanding. Contemplate and meditate upon these things regularly.
  2. Before going to bed at night, and upon waking, ask your soul to reveal itself to you. This practice shows your intention and builds up a powerful vibration that attracts what you are asking for.
  3. Choose a system of spiritual/religious/mystical/self-help/training that resonates with you and can be a catalyst for awakening your soul consciousness.

If you practice these steps you will begin experiencing “moments of clarity.”

These moments will consist of a heightened sense of awareness, where you see and feel your reality at a deeper, more profound level. You will come to intuitively “know” that life is more profound than our conscious mind understands. Your mind will receive new concepts and undergo an expansion that leaves you breathless at its scope and profundity.

These “moments” are steps on the path, and when they pass, you lose the brilliance of the vision, but something is left behind. You never return to the old self. It is often small and fragile, this new awareness. But if it is treasured, honoured and nourished, it grows strong within us.

Illumination happens by the gradual and persistent introduction of the mind to higher modes of consciousness than that which are built up from normal sensory experience. These mystical or enlightening experiences produce an intensification of awareness, and from this quickening of the mind comes astounding insights and revelations.

Within soul consciousness, we see our human drama, and the steps necessary to fulfil our ultimate destiny. It is not to the privileged few that this honour is given; it is available to all who honestly and sincerely seek its wisdom.

Your soul is a part of who you are.

Wrapping Up

The truth of our being is that we have three levels of consciousness: the conscious mind, the subconscious, and the soul.

Aligning all three to a functioning whole is the goal and ultimate achievement of the enlightened being. If you feel inclined to pursue this path, be encouraged to know that many before you have pursued it and that the path is well marked in the inner world to guide the sincere and dedicated seeker.